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Windows GGWA – Windows 11 Professional – Legalization GetGenuine (CSP Perpetual)

৳ 22,875.00
About this item The Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) is a special licensing solution for corporate and government users who need to legalize unlicensed copies of previously installed Microsoft Windows operating systems. GGWA's exclusive purpose is to assist a client in fixing a misl-icensing issue. Customers can purchase GGWA licenses for the entire Windows desktop operating system for devices that need active Windows licenses. The GGWA licenses do not have a Qualifying OS restriction as they are complete licenses for Windows. Only one-time purchases of GGWA licenses are permitted, and each unit must be ordered as a single order. If such devices are acquired after the customer's order, these licenses may not be allocated to those devices. For small- and medium-sized organizations, Windows 11 Pro is intended. The Microsoft seller should be contacted directly by large organizations. The Windows 11 Pro N edition has the same features as Windows 11 Pro, with the exception that it does not come with the Skype app or some media-related software, such as Windows Media Player, Camera, Music, Movies, and TV.